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Specializing in rancher and private land owner services

"No Job is too Rough or Remote"

Cash Noland - Owner/Supervisor
Crystal Noland - Owner/Project Mgr
JR Noland - Designer/QC Foreman
Kelly Bush - Office Manager
Rough Construction Crew

About Rough Country Construction

Cash & Crystal Noland founded Rough Country Co. in 2011 after they saw a need in their own ranching community for rough and remote services. As long time ranchers in Southeastern Arizona they had the knowledge, skills and equipment to help their neighbors with some much needed projects. Their first contract as RCC was to drill three wells and install three cattle watering facilities. RCC was very successful and enjoyed doing the work, over the years our list of services has grown to meet the need.

As ranchers we have good working relations with Forest Service, BLM, AZ State Land Department, USDA NRCS, AZ Game & Fish Department, and US Fish & Wildlife Department. Our reputation is one of honest hard working and fair, this work ethic has kept our customers happy and returning.

We employ all qualified local Native Americans from the Apache Reservations of Bylas, San Carlos, and Whiteriver.
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