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RCC provides quality services for Arizona ranchers, private land owners and government agencies who are facing challenges with water distribution, lack of water, dirt tanks and washed out roads, fire hazards, native species restoration or getting supplies to a remote location by way of livestock. No terrain is too tough, rocky or remote. Roadless and wilderness areas are not a problem. We operate in the most extreme environments with safety and efficiently. 
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Technical Capability

Rough Country Construction was created in 2011 by Cash and Crystal Noland with the intent to expand the capabilities of their well-established fence construction business, Noland Tough Fence, LLC.

Rough Country, like Noland Tough Fence, specializes in working remote projects of all types. The work sites are typically situated in rugged Southwestern landscapes: steep wooded mountains, deep canyons, and rocky desert rangelands.

Projects have included hazardous fuels mitigation, large hazard tree removal, tree thinning, and grassland restoration. We are also experienced in the full range of remote water systems improvements that support livestock and wildlife. We drill and test water wells, install well pumps and solar powered equipment, and mechanically bury HDPE pipe for water system tanks and drinkers. We have the equipment and expertise to rehabilitate dirt stock tanks and associated access roads, as well as install cattleguards.
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